NEW! Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue

Homemade Broccoli and Cheddar Soup in a Bread Bowl

13 Feb NEW! Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue

Imagine a deep dish pizza that’s deeper, much deeper. than any you’ve encountered before. This was the focus of our creative team when they set out to make the tastiest, gooey-est bread bowls yet – the brand new Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue, pre-filled.

Pre-filled is an important attribute that separates these bread bowls from others. Pre-filling the rich, delicious layers of pizza fondue inside the tasty bread bowl, we have a final product with a one-step prep; a convenience that busy consumers appreciate. Simple preparation is also a keystone for our private label partners operating in the food service industry, as it reduces opportunities for a misunderstood cooking direction to produce something other than a consistent offering.

Back to the flavors, the most important attribute of Pizza Fondue Bread Bowls. Culinary professionals begin creating with two blank canvases. One is the bread bowl itself. There are standard bread bowl options such as plain, multigrain, cornmeal & jalapeno (for a Southwest inspired pizza bowl) and poppy seed & onion. Better yet, custom bread bowl options are endless, and may include any combination of popular pizza crust flavors – from olive oil and garlic to rosemary and oregano.

Once a bread bowl is chosen, culinary creative teams turn their attention toward the gooey ingredients. Cheese possibilities alone can make our heads spin. For starters, there are popular choices like Asiago, Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and pecorino. Layer any single cheese or blend of these delicious pronounced flavors with sauce, herbs and spices and you are well on the way to pizza fondue heaven. Add in choices of roasted vegetables, Mediterranean flavors and old world Italian favorites like pepperoni, sausage, chopped meat and chicken – and now you see how quickly the options grow exponentially with every layer.

If this sounds like delicious fun, it is!  Bring the unlimited options to your own culinary creative professionals or lean on the expertise of our award-winning R&D team.

Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue, Pre-filled will please consumers at every level of consumption, from markets to club stores, to food service operations nationwide. Private label partners turn to Better For You Foods as their one stop shop to develop products that must get to market – on time and on budget.