Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue, Pre-Filled

BreadBowl-PizzaFondue-1The perfect marriage; tasty bread bowls and gooey pizza fondue!

Like other bread bowl combinations, the options for pairing flavorful bread bowl shells with zesty pizza fondue fillings are limitless. One significant advantage that private label partners find particularly enticing is that bread bowls with pizza fondue can be prepared “pre-filled.” By eliminating the steps of separately heating and filling, Pre-filled Pizza Fondue Bread Bowls offer a variety of smart retail opportunities – and foolproof food service solutions.

Examples include Traditional Tomato & Cheese (with herbs and spices), Pepperoni, Meat Lovers (sausage, pepperoni & beef crumbles) Veggie Lovers and Deluxe (meat & veggies). Custom baked bread bowls and unique pizza fondue fillings can be customized to satisfy the tastes of various consumer segments.

BreadBowl-PizzaFondue-2Let’s create a pizza fondue bread bowl that gets more people dipping into your brand!

Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue are the latest example of a product offering that began with a 'what if ...' question from one of our private label partners.”

— Amy Lotker, Owner/Head of Sales & Marketing, Better For You Foods LLC

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