What’s New? (a lot, that’s what)

07 Sep What’s New? (a lot, that’s what)

Just a moment while we catch our breath here.  We’ve been pumping out pizzas, getting rave reviews from bloggers and trade media (thank you!) , taking requests from new retailers, preparing for Natural Products Expo East and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ annual Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo – known as “FNCE” to those in the biz — all while we keep a hundred other plates spinning (but, it’s all good).

Oh yeah, we’ve announced the winner of our Gluten Free Pizza Party Sweepstakes – Laura Robbins from Columbia, Missouri.  Laura has planned her party planned for December 7th and we’ll be sending her two of each variety of Gluten Free pizzas – ten total!   We’re planning our next sweepstakes, which we’ll announce next week.

Okay, back to work, just wanted to keep you in the loop.  Thanks for your support!