Private Label Bread Bowl Bonanza

Private Label Bread Bowls

30 Nov Private Label Bread Bowl Bonanza

Better For You Foods LLC is loved by our private partners in large part because of our flexibility, resourcefulness and passion for developing unique food solutions. Among the hottest private label foods we’ve developed over the past couple years are the Better4U bread bowls. What began as a retail product, with four distinct varieties of frozen bread bowl shells, inspired a plethora of private label initiatives.

Customized bread bowl options know no boundaries. We typically begin with the bread shell, but not always. For example, when a private label partner with an award-winning chicken chili decides on a bread bowl pairing, we begin inside out. For such a project, we may suggest a cornmeal base, but our partner may be thinking pumpernickel and onion. As we all know, when it comes to food, there is no right or wrong, and the best way forward is usually to experience that tasty chicken chili flavor within a variety of bread bowl options. What may begin with a pumpernickel or cornmeal suggestion has the potential to end within a perfectly paired sourdough or five cheese bread bowl serving vessel.

What About Pizza Bread Bowls?

When a national retailer approached us about their desire to mix two of our favorite things – pizza and bread bowls – we, of course, were immediately on board. The outcome that most pleased our private label partner featured a gooey mozzarella and pizza sauce base with delicious traditional “toppings,” such as pepperoni and sausage. We had to shift our mindset from pizzas to bread bowls and rethink the “toppings” to be “middlings.” Our R&D team needed to further consider aspects of this paradigm shift that went beyond naming conventions. How do you brown a meat product placed in the middle of a frozen retail product? Here’s one simple approach – brown the “middling” during an earlier stage of recipe preparation.

There are other options, but those that take extra steps have to be considered with regard to the consumer experience. Our own test-marketing indicated that as many people enjoyed the extra steps as did not. They felt empowered and experienced a sense of pride for taking on additional kitchen work in preparing what is essentially a convenience-oriented product. What we learned from that experience is what we usually learn with test-marketing, you really never know until you test it.

The Next Great Bread Bowl Product?

This is the question we ponder regularly. It’s probably something we’re working on now, but not privy to discuss (client confidentiality). One thing’s for sure, as the weather gets colder, sales of bread bowl products get hotter. From tasty fillings, such as chowders, stews and egg-based mixtures to bowls made with ancient and exotic grains, there will always be room for the next great bread bowl product. If you’re excited about what you could do with a tasty bread bowl product, let’s connect!