NEW! Utlra Thin Sprouted Grain Crust Pizzas

02 May NEW! Utlra Thin Sprouted Grain Crust Pizzas

Introducing the newest offerings from Better4U Foods – All natural ultra-thin sprouted grain crust pizzas!  Earlier this week, our company formally announced the arrival of our new “sprouted grain” line of healthy pizzas.  Sprouted grains provide a number of significant nutritional benefits, most importantly increased amounts of dietary fiber and a lower glycemic index – which is helpful for people with diabetes.  Our first two pizzas in this line, Bruschetta and Old World Veggie, each contain 39g of whole grains per serving.

As with everything from Better4U, our new pizzas with sprouted grain crusts are not only better for you, they taste great too!  Here is a look at our first two versions of Better4U All Natural Ultra Thin Multigrain Sprouted Grain Pizzas, which will be in supermarket freezers soon:

We’re developing a third variety of sprouted grain pizza, expected in markets this summer.  A dairy-free vegetarian sprouted grain/multigrain crust pizza, appropriate for people who eat vegan.  This new sprouted grain product will be our second vegan pizza − the other being the All Natural Gluten Free Dairy Free Roasted Vegetable Pizza currently available.