May is Celiac Awareness Month

01 May May is Celiac Awareness Month

When we initially set out to make the healthiest frozen pizzas available in supermarket freezers, we were largely focused on the goal of offering the same quality of food that we feed our family.  Specifically, we wanted to prepare foods with dramatically lower sodium, fat and calories than what is typically available in store-bought frozen foods, especially frozen pizza. We began by using healthy whole grains, fresh vegetable toppings and all natural ingredients – prepared with responsible amounts of sodium, fat and fiber.

We originally decided on a multigrain thin crust pizza to help achieve our nutrition goals.  As we did our initial research, interviewing friends, relatives and health professionals, we learned that we were pretty much on target.  We also learned that for people who eat gluten-free, whether by choice or necessity, there was a void of gluten-free pizzas that actually tasted good!

So began our journey to understand the eating requirements of individuals coping with Celiac disease.  We learned that across the board – children and adults alike – the approximately “1 in 133 or more” − felt deprived.  We learned that we have more friends and neighbors who eat gluten-free, often because they or a family member has Celiac disease, than we ever would have imagined.  So, while we tweaked our thin crust pizza, we set out to develop a gluten-free pizza crust that anyone would want to eat, gluten-free or not!

It wasn’t easy.  As we experimented with buckwheat flour, brown and white rice flours, ground flax and other gluten-free ingredients, we learned that getting the right taste and texture was indeed challenging.  We were determined that our gluten-free pizzas would also have a multigrain crust, which is not often found in gluten-free products. We wanted our gluten-free pizzas to not only be gluten-free, but to also be healthy – “better for you.”

A number of times, we cooked up sample pizzas and fed them to gluten-free friends who said, “This is not bad for gluten-free,” which was not what we wanted to hear.  So, we soldiered on, eventually collaborating with a Certified Gluten-Free facility in Ontario, Canada that took our recipe and improved it to the point where the taste delighted not only friends and family who eat gluten-free, but also those who do not.

We liked this CGF facility so much that we bought it.  Being the owners of a Certified Gluten-Free facility gives us the ability to develop new gluten-free products quickly, such as our recently launched shelf stable gluten-free pizza crust (for people who like to top their own gluten-free pizza).

At Better For You Foods, we’re proud of every product we’ve brought to market, but to hear words of gratitude from someone with Celiac disease who’s thoroughly enjoying Better4U Gluten Free Pizza – that’s about as good as it gets!  We’re pleased to support Celiac Awareness Month with everyone else who serves the needs of individuals who need to eat gluten-free.